I’ve been coding another app recently to learn Rails and by extension Ruby. I thought I’d link to Claudio’s article that recently appeared on Nettuts+ that outlines some reasons why you might want to start learning Rails and Ruby. Why Rails by Claudio Ortolina.

For me, the main reasons that I wanted to start learning Rails was because there is always plenty of buzz about it in the web development community, and I’d started learning the syntax of Ruby and I really liked how simple and expressive it was.

The MVC architecture of Rails also appealed to me, and I was looking for a change from .Net. I’ve found that its great for MVC and RESTful URLs, and I’ve been really enjoying how easy it is to separate concerns, and the ease of use of creating business and database logic using Models has been a godsend.

I’ve had a couple of hiccups so far with my learning but I can already see that I am going to enjoy learning and using Rails.