After almost two-and-a-half years of the high-paced, glamourous lifestyle of a UI developer (what we definitely need is more frameworks), I’m putting the JavaScript (partially) on the shelf along with the C# and .NET to work once again with Ruby and, for the first time professionally, Rails. I’ve decided to work with an old colleague and friend in a software consulting company, Webbernet, which entails an exciting move from Brisbane to Melbourne. The first half of this year has been and will continue to be an exciting and frantic time, and I am rediscovering what I liked the most about Ruby after my first week on the job, namely its pleasing syntax, great testing story and culture, and frameworks like Ruby on Rails that make it easy to get a functioning application up and running quickly. As a refresher I watched the following videos on Ruby and Rails that I really recommend to anyone wanting to try either or both out:

From now on expect to see more posts about Ruby and Rails alongside the general programming articles I usually post. I’m even heading to the birthplace of Ruby (Japan) next month, and along with my other huge life changes it’s good to be good to get the fire burning again!